Our tax business line makes available solutions to our clients to allow them to fulfill our formal duties as taxpayer optimally, while avoiding contingencies of an unnecessary fiscal nature in the future.

Tax Declaration

This solution provides the assurance that the taxes declared monthly and annually are not only made in a timely manner, but also have a strict quality control that validates them.

  • The information contained in the statements is the same as the reflected in the accounts and the attachments sent to the Tax Administration.
  • The declarations make use of the benefits contained in the regulations
  • Improvement recommendations are provided for the following fiscal periods

This service also contemplates compliance with the municipal, corporate and labor authorities.

Transfer prices

The Ecuadorian regulations regarding Transfer Pricing apply to taxpayers who during a fiscal period have carried out transactions with natural persons or companies considered as related parties.

The evaluation we perform will comply with all the regulations in force in the Internal Tax Regime Law and its Regulations.

The parameters applicable to Transfer Pricing are for all types of operations such as: transfer of tangible and intangible assets, services, financial transactions, reimbursement of expenses, licenses and franchises, among others.

Within this solution we are in the capacity to help you with:


  • Economic studies of transfer prices
  • Preparation of OPRE annexes
  • Preparation of Integral Transfer Pricing Report

    Tax Recovery

    We take care of the entire tax claim process of:

    • VAT withholdings
    • Withholdings in the source of income tax, and
    • Tax credit for Foreign Exchange

    We carried out a prior validation without cost of the information that would be sent to the SRI in order to detect contingents and thereby give advice to continue or not with the claim process. We are also in the capacity to make revision resources for tax recovery.

    We are proud of our effectiveness index in this solution, having recovered more than 99% of the amount claimed from the Tax Administration; that is why we are able to agree on the total or partial payment of the fee for this service against the effective recovery of the money.

    Tax advice

    Through our experts we provide personalized tax advice in the following areas:


    • Information requirements – Settlement of differences: We advise for the delivery of information requirements minimizing differences that may be settled and collected by the Tax Administration
    • Tax audits: Defense strategy before tax glosses established in draft and final determination orders
    • Preventive counseling: Planning and review of implementation of procedures appropriate to each case that avoid tax contingents.

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