Every company requires accurate and opportune accounting information, which is why this line of business provides our customers with solutions to meet this basic requirement as well as covering information reporting needs to local authorities, seeking to continuously improve internal controls, management reports and quality of information entry.

Integral accounting process service

This solution is defined as the registration in an accounting system of any transaction that generates an economic effect on the company for the subsequent issuance of Financial Statements and accounting annexes, this allows to know the economic reality and make decisions against it.

Also, within this solution according to the need of our customers can include the processing of monthly payroll and sending information for compliance with Authorities (IESS, SRI, Ministerio de Trabajo, Superintendencia de Compañías, Municipios, among others).


The main activities developed in this solution include:

  • Transaction log
  • Accounting information quality control
  • Issuance of Financial Statements
  • Generation of accounting annexes
  • Issuance of managerial reports
  • Preparation and payment of payroll
  • Declaration of monthly and annual fiscal / municipal taxes
  • Reporting information to control authorities (Superintendencia, Ministerio de Trabajo, IESS, and others)

We adapt to the needs of each of our clients, based on both the software level to be used and the assigned personnel, our team can process the information in the client’s office or in our office, we coordinate the day(s) of service provision, etc.

Reconstruction and accounting clearance service

When for any justified reason managers consider that the financial figures of the company are not reliable or are non-existent, it is recommended to carry out a process of adjustment to the accounting figures that allows to avoid representative contingencies with the control authorities.

Depending on the severity of inconsistencie of the information, one of the solutions can be applied:


  • Accounting reconstruction, that consists in reprocessing all the transactions of a specific period in order to obtain reliable figures from the financial statements and the corresponding annexes.
  • Accounting debugging, which consists in analyzing the figures and adjusting them reasonably without resorting to a complete reprocessing of the information.

    Accounting settlement service for entities in Superintendencia de Compañías

    This solution applies to entities that require advice, support and / or processing in the accounting field for the last period of the company’s life. The indicated thing with the purpose of which the inspections carried out by the Superintendence of Companies are surpassed with normality allowing the entity to be liquidated with success.

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