The experience of our team allows us to carry out any type of consultancy in the accounting, tax and financial fields. The most relevant solutions in this line of business are the following:

Software implementation

Usually the implementation of a new software is not always successful because the accounting team of the company does not have the time availability to execute the regular operation and at the same time dedicate itself to the tasks that require the implementation of a new software, that is why our team can manage the process from the client side in order to ensure that the implementation is successful.

Due diligence

Any contingency that a company in negotiation process has not revealed in order to be considered within the process of purchase.

Public sector consulting

We provide consultancy in the accounting, financial and tax areas to government entities, adapting to the detail established in the terms of reference with the contracting entity, duly fulfilling deadlines and deliverables.

Prevention of money laundering

The laundering of assets and financing of terrorism affects a number of activities, but there are certain industries that are more susceptible to be used to launder assets and it is in these industries that the authorities of each country focus. We are able to assist companies in the field of: courier, construction, real estate and vehicle sales with this solution.

In this field we can support in:

  • Obtaining registration code in UAFE.
  • Preparation of money laundering prevention manual.
  • Development of a risk matrix.
  • Information report to UAFE.

Preparation of the annual work plan of compliance officer.


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