The financial area of ​​the company is responsible for managing the company’s resources and the risks it faces. Therefore, it is important that the company has adequate financial advice that allows it to plan the strategies under which the company can optimize the performance of resources and minimize business risks.

Financial advice

Our financial advisory solution includes:


  • Identify and implement improvements in the financial area
  • Manage projects in the financial field
  • Optimize the company’s financial processes
  • Evaluation of investment projects
  • Presentation of results to the Board

Financial planning and budget control

We develop customized budgets applied to your sector with detailed financial projections and varied scenarios, which allows you to identify critical business decisions.

Likewise, we can carry out an exhaustive budgetary control, in order to guarantee that the deviation from the approved budget is minimal and identified.

Company valuation

Our solution is aimed to determine in an objective and independent way the technical reference value for the Company based on and applying the method of valuation of the Discounted Free Cash Flow .

Based on the historical performance, present and future prospects of the Company, this method determines the value of the Company through the estimation of the cash flows that these would generate in the future, and then discounted at an appropriate interest rate.

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